Taiwan での高品質と最安値 N95グレードマスク.
CHIC PERFECT BIOMEDICINE LIMITED COMPANY 有名なメーカー、サプライヤー、輸出国の一つであるN95グレードマスクの工場とTaiwan。製造のラインでの長年の経験により、我々は、業界における当社の卓越したパフォーマンスで知られています。 Taiwan 我々は、有数のブランドの一つとして自分自身を助けた。我々は常に国際的な基準を満たすために当社の製品をアップグレードします。の誠意と努力と時間の配達を提供しています私たちは国際基準に品質と一致してきました専門家のチームを保持します。


In recent years, due to the epidemic, everyone has been wearing masks for epidemic prevention purposes, and medical masks have become a essential item for everyone.

Within six months of its establishment, Chicperfecct Biomedical has obtained the Ministry of Health and Welfare's medical device license "Ministry of Health Medical Device Manufacturing No. 008753" and has passed the International ISO 13485:2016 certification, etc. Our main services include: flat medical masks, three-dimensional and TN95 medical masks and customized medical masks and Staple Merchandise and Healthcare Products.

Chicperfecct Biomedical is committed to providing comfortable, safe and high quality products, using soft skin-friendly fabrics, comfortable and flexible ear straps and easy-to-shape nose strips, and the raw materials have all passed TTRI or SGS and other relevant national inspection certifications. It fits well on the face and has good breathability and tightness.

Chicperfecct Biomedical upholds the principle of providing customers with the best quality of service and marketing its own brand, hoping to expand in the future and provide a more diversified and comprehensive product line to meet the needs of different customers, we will continue to pursue growth and progress to provide customers with the best quality products and services!

N95グレードマスク の専門メーカー、OEM、ODM、サプライヤー、および会社を Taiwan から最高の価格で。N95グレードマスク の詳細については、当社の Web サイトを参照してください。.